Corn, cucumbers, beets and Brussels sprouts! Quite simply, food tastes better when it is in season. It’s grown closer to home, and has travelled a shorter distance to get to your table. And it’s even better when you get to talk to the farmer who has produced the food themselves. You’re getting the goods right from the source.

Check out Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide to see what’s in season right now. Now, grab your bags and baskets, explore the countryside, and shop fresh foods at these top 5 farmers’ markets… (don’t be shy about sampling, either!)

  1. Cobourg Farmers’ Market – Of course we’re going to start with this one! It’s a perfect Saturday morning for #AdventuresInCobourg, running right through to December. A buzzing hub of local activity in the downtown core behind the grand and historic Victoria Hall. Fill up your bags with local goodness. Who’s in?!
  2. Port Hope Farmers’ Market – We want to give our neighbours some love! Saturday mornings behind the town hall on Queen Street (and Wednesday afternoons in the parking lot of Home Hardware on Toronto Road). Foraged wild eats, local cheeses and honey, acoustic guitar strumming. This is a hopping market with a devoted following.
  3. Codrington Farmers’ Market – Sundays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., beside the Codrington Community Centre, this country market knows how to celebrate harvest season. Live music, cooking demos with free samples and recipes, and all the ingredients to make it yourself, since you’ll be inspired to spend a little time in the kitchen…right? We like to send you a bit east and north of Cobourg to Codrington, because it’s also home to Empires Cider Co., open weekends for tasting.
  4.  Campbellford Farmers’ Market – North of Cobourg in the rolling hills and farmland, this downtown Campbellford market is bustling in full colour (with fruits, veggies and townfolk). You might catch Ean and Eleanor, if you’re lucky. Mornings on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
  5. St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market – Beyond Northumberland County, this one is the largest year-round market anywhere. (Well, in Canada.) Saturdays and Thursdays. A major fire in September 2013 demolished the main building, but you can’t keep this historic market from thriving. Here you’ll find fresh produce and Mennonite specialties, like summer sausage, cheese, maple syrup and preserves. Tip: Don’t miss the apple fritters. Seriously.

We like these bonus tips, too, from The Modern Farmer on how to shop smart at farmers’ markets.

Eat well and be well! Best wishes from Cobourg, Ontario’s Feel Good Town. #AdventuresInCobourg