Hearts, flowers and attractions to get you tingling in all the right places… February is the month of love. Good thing, too, since you need to snuggle close to brave some of the coldest temps of the year!

While chocolate might be your usual go-to for bliss and wooing, we’ve got plenty here in Cobourg to stir the senses—and escape somewhere special for a heartfelt adventure.

The Beach. This gorgeous shoreline is like a best-kept secret. Sure, it’s cold, it’s winter, we get that. But there’s something to be said about walking in the crunching snow out to the pier, and looking out at the horizon’s icy, blue beauty. The romance of nature’s canvas! It’s so quiet here, you’ll feel like you’re a world away from the city. And, of course, you can come back in the summer to lounge in the sun and swim in the lake.

The Food. Fresh and inventive! Tapas and tacos at El Camino, tequila after-hours at its little sister resto, Poco Camino, fine dining and amazing craft brews at 92 King, locally-sourced deliciousness at The Mill Restaurant and Pub, and the list goes on. Dining here is an adventure, with a community feel that draws talented chefs and entrepreneurs who want a taste of small-town life. We’re surrounded by farmland, waterways and small-batch producers who know the lay of the land. So local comes naturally.

The Events. Who doesn’t need to get out once in a while? See a show, enjoy a film festival screening, cheer on the next Ontario curling champions or the Ontario 55+ Winter Games athletes. Yes, we’re known for the amazing Waterfront Festival in the summer, but we’ve got a year-round calendar of events to experience (so there’s no need to hibernate at home). Bonus: The venues include the majestic Victoria Hall circa 1860 overlooking the harbour, a restored fire hall, and more.

The Culture. There’s a rich history and vibrancy here that’s waiting to be discovered! The charming downtown is a heritage district, perfect for strolling arm-in-arm, taking a self-guided walking tour to learn about the architecture and days gone by of early shipping and rail transport, and high-society hotels and dancehalls. Join a food and history tour with Northumberland Culinary for great bites and stories. Stop in to see the latest exhibit and permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Northumberland, and see artifacts and mementos from our own Oscar-winning comedic actress, Cobourg-born Marie Dressler, at Dressler House. There are artists’ studio tours and shops, garden and music tours, live bands at local pubs, and people to meet…

The People. Maybe the most-loveable thing about Cobourg is the people here. They are friendly! Don’t be surprised if someone says hello to you on the street. That’s what people do. Small-town life is about getting to know your neighbours by name (gasp!), along with your storekeepers, bank tellers, butchers, the clerks at the grocery store. There’s genuine hospitality, and care in what we do and what we offer, that we want to share with visitors. And that is a special thing to experience. You’ll see.

xo from Cobourg, Ontario’s Feel Good Town. #AdventuresInCobourg