Limited Edition Cobourg Collectibles

A Community Collaboration With Hoselton Sculptures

Presenting Cobourg Tourism’s newest Collectible Souvenirs for 2018.  These three professional sculptures, the first in a series, illustrate historical landmarks and the history of Cobourg, featuring Victoria Hall, The Countess of Dufferin Schooner and the East Pier Lighthouse. The fine-art pieces are now on sale at the Cobourg Community Centre, Customer Service desk, 750 D’Arcy Street in Cobourg. Created by the local but internationally known Hoselton Sculptures in Colborne, Ontario, these high quality and professional design pieces of art are a welcomed addition to any collection.

Victoria Hall Cobourg

Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall, built in the 1850’s by architect Kivas Tully, is the centrepiece of history and architecture in Cobourg.  Today it is home to town administration, Victoria Concert Hall and the Art Gallery of Northumberland. Hoselton’s free-formed aluminum sculpture captures the majestic nature of the grand, neo-classic building.

Countess of Dufferin Schooner

The first Canadian challenger for America’s Cup in 1876 was the Countess of Dufferin, built in Cobourg by Alexander Cuthbert.  It was the last of the challenging schooners.  The Madeleine beat the Countess on August 11th and 12th.  Major Charles Gifford, Vice Commodore of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Toronto, was a building partner. Historic racing painting provided valuable reference material, which assisted in capturing the essence of the details in a Hoselton aluminum free-formed sculpture.

Countess of Dufferin Schooner
Cobourg Lighthouse

Cobourg Lighthouse

Between 1842 and 1845, the town repaired and extended the east and west piers, and erected a lighthouse – a square, wooden tower sixteen feet high costing $240. The present concrete lighthouse was built in 1924.  This sculpture was captured through the artist’s eye during a cold, breezy morning from the west pier viewpoint; its true essence displayed in this Hoselton aluminum sculpture.

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