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Illuminate and Inspire

“The AGN is not simply a place where one gathers but a place where opportunity and imagination exists. A place where public engagement is at the centre of its programs, and a place that inspires, promotes and supports its communities.” The Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN) is Northumberland County’s largest public art gallery, located [...]

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Canvases and Footlights

If you take a look around town you’ll notice a few things amidst the rich culture and trendy shops. You’ll be engrossed in the beauty that has been preserved through our architecture. We take pride in this fact! Take Victoria Hall for instance — the centre of our downtown. This building is nearly 170 [...]

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Back to Your Roots

Chocolate or vanilla? Moose tracks or bubble gum? Maybe you’re thinking, triple chocolate brownie quake or maybe you have a Black Raspberry thunder type of palate? These are some of the difficult decisions you’ll be forced to make when you step into Edward Cunnington’s “Dairy Dream” at 66 King. Like a scene straight out of Grease, [...]

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Palate-Pleasing Possibilities

Feeling hungry? Thirsty? Then you’ve come to the right place. There is no shortage of places to grab a quick bite, sit down and enjoy a nice meal or grab a drink. What many of the restaurants, brewers and shops of Cobourg have in common is their passion and belief that what we serve [...]

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Festive Spirit

Spanning nearly 750 metres, Cobourg Beach is no stranger to travelers and most definitely needs no introduction. This “Blue Flag” certified slice of heaven is host to nearly 850,000 visitors each year. How do they find their way here? Let’s just say, the cat is out of the bag on this one. What makes [...]

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Our Past Remembered

The Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre is housed in one long stone building, commonly called “the barracks” and an 1870s workman’s cottage. The volunteers that help keep the place running will tell you that they don’t have a lot of space and they like it that way because everywhere you look is part of the story. The land [...]

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Life in the Past Lane

History is one of those amazing topics that brings you into its story and helps you to appreciate where we’ve been and exactly how we’ve reached the place we’re in now. Settlers started arriving in Cobourg in the 1790s which, at the time, was known for its 40 houses, 2 inns, 4 stores, several [...]

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Destination Downtown

Just passing through? Looking for something special for that someone special? Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself? We’ve got you covered on all fronts. From the East tothe West, thiseight-block walk is lined with shops that are sure to have you coming back again and again. Thrift finder? Check out Beyond the Blue [...]

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