“The AGN is not simply a place where one gathers but a place where opportunity and imagination exists. A place where public engagement is at the centre of its programs, and a place that inspires, promotes and supports its communities.”

The Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN) is Northumberland County’s largest public art gallery, located in historic Victoria Hall, Cobourg. The AGN’s primary goal is to ensure the stewardship of the Gallery’s outstanding cultural treasures. The AGN’s Permanent Collections commenced its acquisitions of paintings in 1961. At present, the collection consists of over 950 accessioned pieces and includes works of local, regional, national and international significance, predominantly by Canadian artists.

“We are part of a destination.”

We, at the AGN, ignite the power of art, embracing our responsibility to engage and educate our community, contribute to cultural knowledge and advance creative endeavour. Our collection includes works by the Group of Seven, Alexander Calder, Jean-Paul Riopelle, David Milne, Robert Motherwell, William Ronald, Michael Snow, Paul Kane, Molly and Bruno Bobak, Ron Bolt, Frances Gage, Carl Beam, Robert Harris, David Blackwood and many others.

The goal of the AGN is to promote and provide access to art and related programs as a community public gallery for the enjoyment and education of its visitors. The gallery meets their mandate by providing concurrent exhibitions, education programs, community events and gallery shops to the community.

“I connect and engage people with art by bringing the art to them.”

They present intellectually stimulating exhibitions and programming, as well as maintain a permanent collection of visual arts, including a very popular Juried Exhibition open to community artists. Student educational programs are provided both in the Gallery and in the classroom and provide an artistic outlet for our teens. Maybe you have children that haven’t quite made it to their teens yet? Drop by Tuesdays for our “Tuesday Tots” program where your tots will have the opportunity to play, create and learn. We hope that this will be the beginning of something beautiful. We know it has been for us.