When you arrive at the front doors of Northumberland Heights, your body immediately feels more relaxed. The air is crisp and fresh; the noisy traffic of daily life is muffled out by the vast forest surrounding the property and replaced with the peaceful sound of the wind blowing through the trees. As you enter through the front doors, stunning vaulted ceilings with solid wood trusses invite you into the welcome reception. Complete with classy yet comfortable furniture and warm wood flooring and accents that continue through the building.

photo of northumberland heights lobby

As you travel through the spa and reception areas, it is evident that every piece of furniture and décor was carefully selected with a thoughtful eye. Enter Nitin and Arti Joshi, the dynamic President and Vice-President of Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa and our gracious hosts for the day. The two, with 45 years of managing and developing hotels, high-end gyms and spas between them, were brought on to breathe new life into the property two years ago.

photo of fountain in the lobby of northumberland heights

Dating back over 100 years, Northumberland Heights has exceptional bones but was in desperate need of some caring reconstruction. “When we first arrived, the property felt completely detached from the outside,” says Arti. No windows were looking out to the stunning 80-acre property. “With so much nature around you, the landscape helps people connect with their inner self; therefore, we needed the interior to do the same.” Arti, a meticulously detailed individual and thoughtful customer service expert, gives themes to each of her projects to help direct her design and inspirations. The idea for Northumberland Heights was EARTH. Apparent in every detail, starting with the logo, created to incorporate all five elements and continued into the colour of the fabrics, the stone finishes, and wood and metal accents. All pieces continue this theme throughout the property, creating a stunning interior design with a warm and grounded feeling. The team also opened up the walls and added large picture windows throughout the hallways and gathering spaces. In doing so, it helped to bring in natural light while adding a spectacular view from almost any room in the building.

exterior photo of the original northumberland heights building