A proud career woman, Ashley Purdy, Communications Officer for the Town of Cobourg, was at a crossroads and needed to make a decision. Though she didn’t grow up in Cobourg her decision to lay down roots here was an easy one to make and heavily influenced by the words and memories of a childhood friend. “I’d always known about Cobourg and my friend, Sonya, who lived and grew up here, would always talk about it. How great it was to live here, how amazing the people were, how amazing the waterfront was and so, each time I’d come to visit I’d fall in love with it a little more. I had no idea that one day I’d come to call this summer day trip town home.

“I was doing something that I loved in a culture that I didn’t love.”

Ashley, who was working in Toronto in what she thought was her career job, didn’t feel connected to the role anymore. She can’t remember what it was that drew her to search for a job so far from her comfort zone but nonetheless, Cobourg had an opening for a Communications officer. Without thinking she applied for and interviewed for the position. “I always knew I’d come back but didn’t know in which capacity. People my age (Sonya included) who grew up in the area seemed to, at one point or another, move away. This is what we tend to do. Move away to network and get your education but when you get older and it comes time to settle down you always think, I’m going back to Cobourg.”

“Working here was testing out the waters and moving here was the complete confirmation that this was the town in which I would plant my roots.”

The job was going well but the commute wasn’t something to be desired. When she made the decision to move here it was an easy one to make. Cobourg made Ashley focus on what matters and that’s her family. It is important for Ashley to raise her boys in a strong town that she believes in — and that she does, Ashley loves this town. Though Cobourg is small, we are growing and becoming more innovative through projects like Venture 13, which is making Cobourg look to the future. One thing is certain, this is where we have to be.