Seasonal Photography Contest

The Town of Cobourg’s Community Services Division and the Experience Cobourg Team is pleased to present the Seasonal Photography Contest!

Cobourg and Northumberland County residents and visitors are encouraged to submit their original photographs for a chance to win great prizes. Photographers of all skill levels are invited to share their unpublished, original work for our final seasonal intake, Spring/Summer 2021!

In support of local businesses, each winner will receive a gift card valued at $200, to a local business of their choosing.

Spring/Summer Photography Contest Categories:

  1. Distinctly Local – Document your enjoyment and interaction with our local shops/businesses/landmarks/historic buildings/arts and cultural experiences
  2. Health and Fitness – Walking/biking/hiking trails, canoe, kayak, SOP. Show us how you will be taking advantage of Cobourg’s various outdoor fitness activities this summer.
  3. Food & Drink – Help us highlight our amazing restaurants, pubs and local chef creations (Don’t miss our Summer pop-up restaurants down at the Waterfront this summer)

Juried Contest
Photograph’s will be juried at the end of each season. Photographs will be juried by a panel consisting of Councillor Adam Bureau, Coordinator of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Olinda Casimiro, Executive Director of the Art Gallery of Northumberland, Ted Amsden, Ted Amsden Photography, Jason Robinson, Project Lola and staff from the Town of Cobourg’s Marketing and Events Department and Recreation and Culture Department.

Photographs will be juried based on the following criteria:


Creativity– How successfully the photographer was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way.
Originality: Fresh idea, one-of-a-kind, or never seen before image of Cobourg.

Image and subject matter is sharp and detailed, not hazy, grainy, over exposed or out of focus.

Composition: Was the photographer successful in leading the viewer’s eyes through the image in a logical and pleasing way? Does the image bring all the visual elements together in concert to express the purpose of the image?

Proper composition holds the viewer in the image and prompts the viewer to look where the creator intends.

Juror Note: are your horizon lines straight?

Colour, lighting, exposure and focus
Colour: Do the tones work together, effectively supporting the image? OR is colour used to evoke diverse feelings for effect?
Lighting: How successfully the photographer was able to use and control light. Was the lighting applied in the photo (manmade or natural) properly used to enhance the image?
Exposure: Did the photographer successfully adjusted the settings of their camera to ensure there are not unnecessary highlights (indicating over exposure) or shadows (indicating under exposure)
Focus: Is the intended subject matter what is in focus? IE your eyes are not being distracted by something in the background.

Overall Impression/Impact/Inspirational power
Impression: The sense one gets upon viewing the image for the first time. Does the impression make the image memorable?
Impact– Does the photo evoke an emotion from the viewer? Compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, sense of place etc.
Inspirational Power: Does this photo inspire the viewer to want to explore Cobourg, visit the attraction, try the activity etc.

Photographs may be black and white our colour

Introducing the Community Choice Award:
In addition to the three photography categories above the Town of Cobourg would like to offer local citizens and guests the opportunity to vote on their favourite image. A poll will be created and shared on Experience Cobourg and our facebook page and the winner of the Community Choice Award will receive a $50 gift card to a local business of their choosing.

How to Enter
Submissions can be emailed to Jackie Chapman-Davis, Community Events Coordinator at
Photographs must be submit along with the Contest Entry Form

Entry Format and Contest Rules
· Maximum two (2) entries per person
· All works entered must be original and photographed by the individual or organization · All entries must be unpublished
· All entries must be suitable for public viewing
· Submissions must be high resolution digital photographs

Submission Schedule

  • Spring/Summer 2021: Submissions due September 22nd

Please note that all photos received will be added to the Town of Cobourg’s photography database and photographers may be given credit in future Experience Cobourg marketing materials. Photographs will also be shared on the Experience Cobourg website and social media pages.

Photographs may be put on public display at the Cobourg Community Centre.

Additional information:
For additional information please call 905-372-7371 or email

Congratulations to the talented winners of the Seasonal Photography Contest