Todd Oberholtzer has never stayed in one place for more than four years. With a passion for travel, Todd first left home at the age of 18 and has worked in bars all over Canada, seeing some of the greatest sights our nation has to offer. However, during his 40 years of travel, there was always a trip back to his childhood home of Cobourg in-between destinations.

Working in bars all over the country teaches you a lot about customer service and people. Todd brought that knowledge with him when he made the move back to Cobourg and opened the Ale House in 2017. He wanted to create a space where residents and guests can feel welcome. A place to relax and have some good food, a cool drink and great conversation. Paying careful attention to every detail, Todd even hand crafted all of the wood for the tables and bar. “I made the tables and bar out of 16ft pieces of lumber,” says Todd. “I carried the wood right into the pub and cut, sanded and stained them all here on site.” With its clean lines, warm tones and beautiful custom wood furnishings, the Ale House has an atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting.

The Ale House offers a caringly crafted selection of beers on tap as well as a tasteful collection of red and white wine. With a high standard for quality, Todd likes to keep a small menu. However, due to popular demand, it has grown a bit larger than originally planned. “Our kitchen makes an excellent fish taco or if you want a more casual meal for the night, our wings and burgers are great as well,” says Todd.

When you work in the bar industry as long as Todd you get to know a lot of different people with a range of backgrounds. “One of my favourite things about working in this industry has been those small world moments when you discover you have things in common with someone you have just met, even though you live thousands of miles apart,” says Todd. The Ale House has regulars and is a popular destination for visitors. Located two blocks up from the waterfront, on Division Street at the entrance to the downtown core, the Ale House is the perfect location for those needing a break from the summer heat or just to catch up with friends. So how does this self-proclaimed nomad know that Cobourg is his proper landing place? “I am so happy with where I am now and the success of the pub,” says Todd. “We have a great space with friendly staff and interesting people to talk to every day. Cobourg is home and I look forward to coming into work every day.”