Each time my family took the day to drive out it was just like the first time. It was small, the shops were old but they had ice cream and that’s all that seemed to matter to me. To be a kid again, right? When I was old enough to drive I’d pile my friends in the car and head East to Cobourg. With every trip back I was falling more and more in love with Cobourg.

Fast forward 10 years, my wife and I are sitting on a bench overlooking the beach after pushing our six-month-old twin boys in their stroller. I looked at my wife and as if I had been waiting to say these words my whole life said: “We need to live here.” We pulled out our phones, navigated to mls.ca and within three days had searched, viewed and closed on a home close-by. The Cobourg of my youth was becoming the Cobourg of my future and my kids future. This was home.