Located just 30 minutes outside of Cobourg, Treetop Trekking Ganaraska is an excellent day trip for active adventure and an escape from the city.

Up for the challenge?

Standing in the middle of the Treetop Trekking Ganaraska park looking up into the trees you are at first overwhelmed by the diverse matrix of suspension bridges, balance logs, zip line tracks and walkways. Following your orientation by friendly and knowledgeable guides, who immediately help turn those nervous butterflies into feelings of excitement, your experience begins on one of the beginner level courses. From there, the day is yours. With six different levels to attempt, each slightly more tasking and higher off of the ground than the last, the park offers an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and try new adventures.

Ganaraska Treetop Trekking attracts a wide variety of visitors. For families, a day at the park is a great opportunity to enjoy healthy outdoor activity. A group of friends can challenge each other and make some new memories, or a daring couple can enjoy an unforgettable first date. For those travelling in a group, the park also offers team building exercises including a low ropes course where groups work together and improve communications skills in order to accomplish set tasks. Real adventurers may be interested in the Survival Challenge where guests act out a scenario where they are lost in the woods and must accomplish set goals in order to “survive”.

Mike Stiell, Marketing Director for Treetop Trekking states, “Some of the most rewarding feedback we have received from our guests is when they tell us that our staff have helped them experience something that they never thought possible or have assisted them in overcoming their fear of heights.” As guests are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, the park offers a truly unique experience to build on personal attributes and accomplish goals. “We love it when people leave feeling like they have made a lasting memory or that the experience has helped to boost their self-esteem and improve their confidence,” says Mike.